So I'm a 40 year old mom, wife and elementary art teacher...and artist. I wasn't able to fit that last title in until recently...but boy am I glad I stuck with it and made it happen. Art is for everyone and my intention is to make my art accessible to anyone interested.

     It all started in 3rd grade. I had an art teacher whose excitement about Van Gogh's Starry Night affected me in a major way. I longed to create something as magical as Starry Night...and though it may never happen, my desire to paint was born at that point. The rebellious teenage years came and went and I headed to college with no real clue as to what I should major in. After taking two years of basics, I still had no I went with the whole"do what you love" thing and went for a B.S. in Visual Art. 

     To say I was intimidated is an understatement. I was NOT the best artist - I only took Art I in high school, so my skills and knowledge were limited...especially compared to most of my peers in the art program. I persevered and graduated and went on to become an elementary art teacher. I love teaching...that is something that has always come naturally to me. When you teach something, you are forced to really know it and to be able to demonstrate it and explain it. Teaching art forced me to grow and practice my art regularly. I guess you could say teaching is the best teacher.

     That 3rd grade desire to paint has always been hovering in the background. Through my 20's and 30's I painted different things for people when they asked me to, but I never knew WHAT I wanted to paint. Once again, I went with the whole "do what you love" suggestion...and I decided I'd paint Memphis.

     Memphis is an hour down the road from me. It is my happy home away from home. My niece created the short film below (under 2 minutes) that says it best. I am so glad I mustered up the courage, perseverance and patience to begin this somewhat scary pursuit of mine...who knows where it will lead...but I know I am up for the adventure.

The Memphis Story, a short film by Hannah Mayer